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    1.Product introduce
    The length of the mullet is 4.1~4.8 times of the body height and 3.8~4.1 times of the head length.Head of medium size, slightly domed on both sides, back as wide as flat, snout wide and short.Eyes large, rounded, located in the first half of the head.Anterior and posterior lipid eyelids developed, reaching the pupil.Nostrils 2 on each side, above eyes, anterior, with a central prominence.Both jaws with villous teeth arranged in single rows.Tongue larger, round, located at the back of the mouth, not free.Gill pore is wide, gill rake is slender, gill cover membrane is not connected with the isthmus, anterior gill cover bone and gill cover bone margin without spine.False gills.The body scale is pectoral scale and the head is round scale. Except for the first dorsal fin, each fin has small round scale, and there is a long triangular axillary scale on both sides of the first dorsal fin base, the pectoral fin axillary part, the upper part of the abdominal fin base and the middle of the two abdominal fins.Lateral line is not obvious, body side of the central scale has a non – opening tubule.
    2.Product specifications
    Material Spec: Mugil Cephalus
    Grade: A
    Size: 500-1000g/PCS,1000-1200g/PCS
    Package regular: 10kg Bulk or as customer request
    Shell Life: 24 months after production date
    MOQ: 10 TONS /20 feet container
    Capacity: 3000 TONS/year
    Color: Natural Color
    Net Weight: 90%,100%
    Loading Port: Ningbo Port, China
    3.Nutritional value and use
    Mullet is rich in protein, fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, selenium and other nutritional elements, with tender meat and delicious taste.
    1)Related to the crowd
    General people can eat, especially suitable for physical weakness, malnutrition, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, do not think diet, infantile malnutrition, anemia and other diseases people eat.
    2)Production director
    Mullet fish is tender and tasty, and most of them are used for fresh food. The method of eating is similar to that of barracuda.
    Eggs can be made into caviar.
    Dietotherapy role
    3)Flat mullet with sweet and salty taste
    It has the function of reinforcing weakness and strengthening spleen and stomach.
    For dyspepsia, infantile malnutrition, anemia and other diseases have a certain auxiliary effect.
    Other related
    “Open treasure herb” : the main appetizer, tonli wuzang, long food makes people fat and healthy, and baiyao wuji.
    4)Nutrition facts of mullet
    (per 100g)
    Edible part 57 moisture (gram)75.3 energy (kilocalorie)119 energy (kilojoule)498 protein (gram)18.9 fat (gram)4.8
    Carbohydrates (g)0 dietary fiber (g)0 cholesterol (mg)99 ash (g)1.1 vitamin A(mg)0 carotene (mg)0
    4.Our company
    Taizhou Hongye Foods Co.,Ltd
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