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    Product description:
    Red fermented rice, also called red kojic rice, is a traditional Chinese special product. It’s a rice fermented product which could enhance red pigment after fermentation on Monascus species. For many centuries, red fermented rice was used as food red pigment for beancurd, Peking-duck, red wine and other food stuffs. With modern technology development, nowadays it becomes the most ideal food colorant for meat industries in worldwide. It gives bright red color to the finished products, also it has function as preservative which could reduce dosage of nitrite. Red fermented rice is 100% natural fermented on Non-GMO rice.
    Product Specification:
    Appearance: Red to purplish-red powder
    Source: 100% Fermented Rice
    Fragrance: Red Yeast Rice intrinsic fermented smell
    Granularity: 90 % pass 200 mesh sifter
    Moisture: ≤10 %
    Color Value: 1500 u/g
    Heavy Metal(Pb) : ≤1 ppm
    As: ≤1 ppm
    Yeast: ≤25 cfu/g
    Mold: ≤25 cfu/g
    Aflatoxin B1: ≤5.0 ppb
    Total Plate: ≤5000 cfu/g
    E.coli: ≤3 MPN/g
    Pathogenic Bacteria : Absence
    Shelf Life24 Months
    Product advantages:
    ● 100% natural edible color
    ● Good quality and price
    ● Provide free sample
    ● High quality and low cost
    Our service:
    ● To supply high-quality products with reasonable prices in food additive industry.
    ● To follow orders and arrange shipping in time, providing complete documents for Customs clearance according to different export policies in different countries.
    ● To take all the responsibility in case of product quality problems.
    ● To inform customers of price trends in the market timely.
    20Kg/box, 25Kg/bag, 13-15 Metric ton per 20FCL, 25 Metric ton per 40FCL.
    Within 7 days after receiving advance payment.Red Fermented Rice 1500u/g manufacturer