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Is your school celebrating Pride in June?

Is your school celebrating Pride in June?

Christian Concern’s Head of Education Steve Beegoo alerts parents to the reality that many schools mark or celebrate Pride in June – and explains what they can do about it.


As many as half of all schools may be marking or celebrating Pride during the school day in the month of June. Reports are coming in from Christian teachers and parents all across the country, who are hearing of planned events promoting sexual identities, for children, under the guise of diversity: Pride events.

If you are a Christian parent, or can email this article to other parents please do so immediately to warn them of what may happen in June.



Parents must consider issuing a formal complaint if a school is planning on such an event, but parents may not even get to hear about them. Many schools are hiding such celebration of homosexual relationships or transgender promotion by having assemblies or PSHE lessons which they do not let parents know about.

If you are a Christian parent, please write to your school asking them if they are planning on celebrating or marking Pride in any way. If they are, complain.



Pride is a political movement, which has been marketed as a demonstration of inclusion and diversity, to prevent vulnerable LGBTQI+ people from being discriminated against. It has become the main virtue signalling method for many schools to pacify the aggressive lobbying groups and cultural evangelists who are targeting schools and children. While many adults in society now choose to attend Pride events, children should not be exposed to such political and moral indoctrination by their teachers.

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June Celebrations

Jubilee celebrations will hopefully take up the early part of June 2022, but since this is the first post-lockdown opportunity for schools since the Relationships and Sex Education regulations came into force in 2020, this is the first time that the tsunami of sexualising influences let loose on schools can express themselves publicly during a Pride month.

If you are not aware of the best methods to approach schools please view our resource, ‘How to successfully raise your voice as a parent’.


Legal Pushback

We were delighted by the result in Keith Waters case in the last few weeks. This June, we will be supporting the brave Izzy Montague’s action, who courageously addressed her school when they enforced a ‘diversity’ celebration on her children. Please pray that this is a successful action, as this could provide case law to prevent schools from continuing to promote Pride events in the way many seem to be planning for this June. Please financially support if you are able. Keith himself explains very clearly on what grounds such pushback is justified and how Pride celebrations harm children.

If you are a Christian parent, please write to your school, citing Izzy’s case, in asking them if they are planning on celebrating or marking Pride in any way with your children.



Should you need any support in pushing back against any Pride events being planned, please do contact Christian Concern, and the legal team at the Christian Legal Centre could draft a communication which will support you in your circumstances. Regardless of this support which can be requested at any time, as soon as you discover that such an event is planned, the most significant action which you can take which will immediately require action from the school is to write a letter of formal complaint addressed to the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors. As soon as you discover an event, if a school is to be able to retract its plans, they must be notified of parents’ concerns quickly.



Please pray for our children and our schools, as many pupils will be introduced to sexual themes and age-inappropriate content and teaching this month. Pray for their protection, and for parents, grandparents, churches and others to be bold enough to challenge such events.



Steve Beegoo

This article has appeared on the Christian Today website and is printed here with permission.


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