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Douglas Quinton

What this all needs is a grass roots revolution – all parents challenging schools on these issues, having been educated of the dangers of this dark LGBT agenda being imposed on their children. How can mass parent education be carried out ? By a budget of £10m for leaflet dropping nationwide and advertising the real harms and statistics and creating live face to face parent meets and action groups. We need a complete wake up of society to these issues, but most are feeling happy with the fed entertainment on TV and Movies and Sports and Consumerism and feel really the world is all quite normal and progressive. They have numbed the minds of this nations adults, how to we un-numb them ? We need a tidal wave of greater proportion ever imagined to turn the tide, because very few are active. Those that are become disillusioned because there seems to be a brick wall in front of our MPs and schools no longer feel driven by Biblical morality, but by a modern progressive adoption, backed up by this decade’s new “British Values”. Wherever we are, whoever we are we have responsibility to take a stand for the Truth ! I for one would like to get a leaflet designed for school and house drops, to fight against this barbaric use of bullying to force the hugely dangerous LGBT agenda onto our young children.