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Douglas Quinton

Yes, the HPV vaccine seems to undermine the parent in safeguarding their children and sends a strong subliminal message of state imposed expectation on the child. In my view it is yet another example of the weakening of conscience through intended Cultural Marxism. Imposing new expectations on the populous who then extend that further in the next generations.

We also refused to allow our, at the time 12/13 year old, daughter the vaccination.

As a matter of fact I am against vaccination in total as they contain a range of neuro-toxins including a form of mercury that actually have substantial evidence, certainly in the case of MMR, of causing spectrums of autism which has increased exponentially since the MMR regime commenced. In my Bible it says that God gave us the fruit and seed bearing plants as our food (also medicine) per Genesis 1 and never intended that we should need to further inject ourselves with a liquid that contains poisons to our bodies. That is the opinion I have formed through various research and some might find it extreme. But a large part of our health and immune system and avoiding things such as cancer is eating plenty of high quality nutrients, mostly found in vegetables and fruit and avoiding processed foods. I prefer the organic variety. Expensive ? Cut out a holiday. Health is the most important thing we have in this life.