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I think lots of people know that most bullying isn’t “homophobic” as Stonewall and government educational policy guidelines would have you believe. Even “Ditch the Label”, another organisation that promotes same-sex relationships, agree. They produce a comprehensive annual survey conducted only amongst students. According to their figures, 50% of those bullied say it involves attitudes to their appearance; 19% say it relates to them getting high grades, and 14% say it’s because of household income. Only 4% report being bullied because of their sexuality. So you are far more likely to be bullied because of your body shape, for wearing glasses or for having red hair than whether you are gay or transgender. The agenda has, quite simply, been hijacked by the evangelistic and fundamentalist LGBT ideology.

Sorry I didn’t answwer your question, just provided more evidence! As for why? It’s because a vociferous and well-organised minority are speaking up (setting the agenda) while the rest of us, the majority, are keeping quiet. It’s time to speak up like that courageous couple from the Isle of Wight.