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DfE suggests SEXWISE?!!

DfE suggests SEXWISE?!!

Sexwise, an ‘excellent’ resource for 11s+:  Really?


In the Government’s recent consultation on RE [Relationship Education] and RSE [Relationship and Sex Education], we were informed that RSE will be compulsory in all secondary schools.  Voice for Justice UK gave a helpful overview of what is likely to be involved.[1]

Thankfully, opposition has since arisen, including the petition below.[2]  However, more social conservatives would be appalled if they knew specifics.

The privileging of Sexwise [SW]   

That the Government has chosen to foreground SW[3] and, even worse, to consider it to be an ‘excellent’ resource on sexual health and relationships, is telling.[4]

Though there is a range of content, a significant amount is of an ‘adult’ nature, and so, inappropriate for youngsters lacking the maturity to understand and critique it properly.  They are physically and mentally vulnerable in ways their adult selves will not be – but of course are not told this.  It might spoil the ‘fun’.

Under Alfred Kinsey’s spell   

Alfred Kinsey, the Father of the Sex Revolution, would applaud the graphic, ‘go for it!’ content. What is less known, however, is the seamy, sad underside of his ‘liberation’.[5]  Mainstream media downplayed or ignored the roadkill from this pernicious, pseudo-science, and a gullible public was duped—much the same as now.

Tragically, SW promises to ‘liberate’ youngsters via this kind of persuasive grooming, and concerned adults will have little or no say in the matter.

Sins of omission

Equally egregious is the omission of vital information which youngsters deserve to know about the development of their own bodies (as mentioned above), the powerful role of sex, and the potential short- and long- term consequences of becoming sexually active. [6]  And most importantly, they are not told that great, disease-free sex is theirs for life, if they press pause while growing up, marry someone who has also waited, and then both remain exclusive (faithful).

‘Sex is for everyone… and fun’ [7]

Going on SW is a mixed experience, what with breezy, light-hearted messaging that ‘sex is for everyone… and fun’ (just be careful), combined with wise tips on drinking etc.  As sensible counsel is included, youngsters would be reassured. ‘Everyone has the right to make well-informed choices about their bodies, and to know the options that are available to them’, or so they are told. [8]

Sadly, SW lets its young readers (especially) down.


Unwarranted assurances are tacitly given and risks and negative consequences whitewashed, downplayed or ignored.  Based on information from this site, readers would have no idea that one sex act gone wrong could be a game changer for life.

See for example SW’s handling of anal sex issues. It ignores the reality that anal sex is high risk (has it ever even heard of M cells, one wonders?)[9]  According to New York City’s Department of Health (2010), ‘women who have unprotected anal sex with an HIV-infected man even one time are about 30 times more likely to get HIV than if they had unprotected vaginal sex once’.[10]

The same can be seen with SW’s promotion of condoms in relation to anal sex, which is unquestionably high risk, even with condoms. For MSMs (men who have sex with men), the BMJ (8 August 2015, 28) reported a WHO systematic review claiming use of a male condom reduced HIV transmission by 64% and that of other STIs by 42%.  Although evidencing some protection, the risk of infection remains worryingly high, yet such medical realities are ignored.  Why?  One suspects because they do not serve the narrative of SW.

Sins of commission  

But sadly, it gets worse.  On a SW blog, one can learn about all sorts of taboo sex activities à la Kinsey: ‘You create a list with all the sex acts you can think of (the link above contains a pretty good one if you’re having a bit of a mental block, or there is this one which is very comprehensive)’.[11]

I quote from the ‘Yes-No-Maybe: A Kinky List’ (my explanations of terminology are in square brackets below):  Activities being suggested to our youngsters include:  being bitten, bondage (heavy/suspension), bruises, cock worship, fisting [inserting a fist up one’s partner’s anus], outdoor sex, pain (mild to severe), oral/anal play (rimming), triple penetration, pussy/cock whipping/spanking, etc.[12]

The other, ‘A Beginner’s List’, includes such favourites as scat play [with faeces], glory holes [the anus], group sex and golden showers [urine ‘play’], as well as items from A Kinky List, above. [13]

Where to go with this?

First, some of the above is obviously high risk, while other aspects are covertly toxic. Educate yourself on why.[14]

Secondly, MPs need to be held to account. How about copying the lists and asking them why the state is promoting extreme, bizarre, recreational sex? What about the age of consent? And why the tacit attack on family and marriage?

What about your own family, church, friend and school networks?  Are they discussing these issues?  Do they even realize the revolution involved and subsequent roadkill among their children and grandchildren if this goes ahead?

Recently I debated a ‘progressive’ community leader while her cute 20 year old intern listened in.  It did not go well. After the host left, the intern said, ‘You know, I actually agreed with quite a bit of what you said. One of my friends got herpes and it has been dreadful. The rest of us just want a normal relationship with a guy, but can’t find anyone.’ Her generation had taken the advice and were paying for it.

A final word here from Miriam Grossman MD:  Young people are being taught that they can ‘safely’ play with fire, while the waiting rooms of doctors and therapists are being filled with young people who have been burned, inside and out.

What will we do about it?


Dr Lisa Nolland –

Dr Nolland is a sex historian, who has tracked with concern the increasingly liberalising policies of Government, with their disastrous outcomes for children, over the last few decades.





[2]I am thinking, say, of the petition, StopRSE, with over 70K signatures, as of 31st December 2018;


[4]  p 35

[5]Kinsey:  sex addict par excellence; in a fraudulent marriage with hundreds of (mostly male) sexual partners.  He struggled with impotence and heavily invested in sadomasochism and the advocacy of paedophilia (he claimed children are ‘sexual beings’: Kinsey’s proclivities included inserting hard objects like toothbrushes up his penis and tying a rope around his scrotum, throwing it over a beam and then suspending himself in the air. The New Normal, 2018, ed L Nolland, 187; 191 for bibliography. gives a good introduction.

[6]See for instance Chapters 2 & 3, Miriam Grossman, MD: You’re Teaching My Child What? 2009;  Also, Updated Hooked: The Brain Science on How Casual Sex Affects Human Development (Medical Institute for Sexual Health, 1 Jan 2019). Finally, Relationships and Sex Education: The Way Forward, A Report from the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, 2018, 33-36; 41-48; 49-56; 77-79.



[9], 25-26, offers four medical aspects of engaging in anal versus vaginal sex which make the former far riskier, especially for the receptive partner. And note that both sexes increasingly are engaging with anal sex, so it is not a gay issue.





[14] For instance, if youngsters begin to associate giving/receiving pain (BDSM) with sex while they are still developing their sexual identities, this could destroy their future happiness. For more, see Miriam Grossman MD:  Jan-Feb 2015,


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