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Children Not in School

Children Not in School

The Government Consultation into the requirement for all home educating parents in England to register their child with the local authority closes in one week, on June 24th.  The move to make registration of all children compulsory will affect all of us, and not just those who choose to home school, undermining the principle, up to now enshrined in UK law, that the primary responsibility for educating children lies with parents, not the State.

If approved, it will be but a short step for the Government to make compliance with RSE Regulations and LGBT inclusive curricula obligatory for all children, extending Ofsted oversight and regulation to include home schoolers, as well as registered schools.

There are many reasons why parents choose to home school their children, but a growing reason is undoubtedly their views on the ideological indoctrination of relationships and sex education, which conflicts with their faith and prematurely sexualises children – promoting and normalising, as it does, medically risky and damaging behaviours that children wouldn’t otherwise come across till much older, and at an age when they could more reasonably assess the risk and decide for themselves.

For the protection of the nation’s young, and to defend the right of us all to freedom of belief and of speech, it is vital we respond.  For full details, and to find the VfJUK Briefing providing guidance on how to respond, as well as a direct link to the online Consultation response form, please click here:

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