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This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted

  Maybe it was inevitable that once same-sex marriage was on the books, activists would double down on their goal of indoctrinating our children with postmodern notions of sexual experimentation and gender change. Well, inevitable or not, that’s the stage the sexual revolution has now reached. Under the guise of reducing bullying and improving self-respect,…

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Compulsory RSE Protest

Parents and MPs protest over ‘state takeover’ of parenting as Government moves forward with compulsory RSE “A fundamental shift of power to the state.”  Ministers have been accused of mounting a “state takeover” of parenting , as the Government released new draft final regulations and guidelines on Relationships and Sex Education, which will be compulsory…

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Parental Rights v Equality Duty

Parental Rights vs. the Equality Duty: what the law really says The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska discusses how British schools have moved away from teaching basic primary education, instead choosing to focus on teaching the ideology of inclusivity. Roger explains the reality of their legal obligation and how many schools are not fulfilling it….

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A Moral Vision for RSE

Statutory Relationships and Sex Education: Exploring the moral complexities   In recent months Western culture has experienced a renewed crisis in how we relate to each other sexually. The #MeToo Campaign has burst open a tide of anger and long-held resentment about how individuals have experienced the sexual responses and behaviours of others. But in a Radio Times…

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Speak out for parents!

HOME EDUCATION CONSULTATION CLOSES NEXT MONDAY 2ND JULY The Government has been holding a ‘call for evidence on home education’ – the consultation closes at 11.59pm on Monday 2nd July. The Government appears to favour introducing a mandatory register for parents who home educate. This may sound reasonable but it undermines an incredibly important principle…

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Home Ed Parents Sidelined!

Home Educating Parents Sidelined! On 10th  April 2018, the Department for Education (DfE) published significant new draft Guidance for Home Education in England. This all seemed very reasonable, with the guidance subject to a public consultation ending on 2nd July: However, there was one major omission in the Government’s approach to this matter…

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Parental Rights Overturned

Gillick competence + GDPR = Parental rights overturned Background: From April 2015 patients registered with a GP in England have had the right to have online access to their medical records.  Up until May this year, an individual having parental responsibility for a child under 16, wishing to see the child’s medical record, could apply to…

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Support from David Kurten

Why has the government stopped listening to parents? It is a fundamental principle of British society that parents are the primary educators of their children. Unlike some other nations like Germany which has a ‘Schulpflicht’ – compulsory schooling – in the UK, parents are not required to send their children to a school. Most parents…

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Faith Schools Under Threat?

Faith schools comprise one third of the UK school community. Many of these schools are over-subscribed, often reaching the top of local league tables and, more recently, reaching the top percentage of schools as high achievers in Progress 8. It therefore appears not only contradictory but also plainly ridiculous that a good number of Britain’s…