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Fewer abortions – but STIs continuing to go through the roof! What’s really going on?

On 13th June this year, the Office for National Statistics published the latest abortion figures for England and Wales for 2018 ( Alarmingly, the report shows that nationally we’ve reached a record high, with over 200,600 abortions. But organisations such as BPAS and the FPA are nevertheless claiming these figures show that their sex education…

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MPs defame Parents

Pro-LGBT MPs defame conscientious parents over primary school protests Primary schools will not be required to teach LGBT issues and this will not change when the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) regulations come into force in September 2020, the government has confirmed. The clarification comes amid protests by mostly Muslim parents at primary schools in Birmingham and…

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RSE Authentic website launch!

Thursday 27th June, was #RSEday… so what better day to launch the new website, RSE Authentic – faith and family resources for relationships and sex education! The aim of the website is to be an online portal that connects schools with a range of RSE teaching and learning resources reflecting faith and traditional family values….

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Children Not in School

The Government Consultation into the requirement for all home educating parents in England to register their child with the local authority closes in one week, on June 24th.  The move to make registration of all children compulsory will affect all of us, and not just those who choose to home school, undermining the principle, up to…

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Schoolgate Campaign

The new Relationships and Sex Education bill has been voted into law, despite the many negative responses to the government consultation. A cynic might think that the consultation has been a mere formality, the government having already decided to impose an adult sexual agenda on vulnerable young minds. Parliament has certainly been deaf to the…

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Wake Up Britain!

If evidence were needed of the ideological battle raging in this nation, this is surely it!  No sooner have the Relationships and Sex Education Regulations received Parliamentary approval, than LGBT activists have started calling for their immediate review and upgrade.  In a recent letter to Education Secretary Damian Hinds, drawn up by the Peter Tatchell Foundation and…

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Peers crush parents forcing schools to indoctrinate children in LGBT dogma

The controversial new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Statutory Instrument completed its passage through Parliament last Wednesday when it received the approval of the House of Lords. The regulations are controversial because they make the teaching of LGBT relationships and sexual practices compulsory. They also downgrade the right of parents to withdraw their children from sex education at secondary…

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The Government Responsible?

In loco Rei Republicae: The government, not parents, are primarily responsible for the moral formation of children, insists Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education. Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education (in England) makes it crystal clear, in his letter (9th April 2019) to the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), that,…

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RSE & Bullying

It is a claim made over and over again that the necessity to learn about a whole range of adult relationships from primary school level onwards is necessary so that “homophobic bullying” may be prevented. This is one of the main reasons for the very explicit and adult content being enjoined under the new Relationship…

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RSE Reality Check

Gay rights and tolerance – what’s really going on in our schools? All children must learn about same sex relationships regardless of their religious background.   So said head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman, in a recent interview in wake of the protest at Parkway School Birmingham, where around 600 parents withdrew their children following objections to…