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Points to consider as young people return to school after the coronavirus lockdown with specific reference to bullying

It cannot be denied that the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown led to an unprecedented situation in recent times. There are ongoing rules and restrictions affecting schools, so it is not possible to gauge the full impact that such measures, and the pandemic itself, are having on children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing….

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ParentPower School Alert!

In order to help parents decide on which school to send their children, ParentPower has now posted online a much-needed and developing map of schools using Stonewall anti-bullying resources. Click here: and here: According to official figures from the DfE, in 2018, 17% of children aged between 10-15 were on the receiving end of bullying that left…

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Supported by VfJUK, ParentPower and SPUC, the multi-faith Let Kids Be Kids Coalition have now served papers calling for Judicial Review of the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Regulations.  The Regulations, which became mandatory on 1 st  September this year, make Relationships Education compulsory for Primary aged school children, Sex and Relationships Education compulsory for Secondary aged school…

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BBC Rejects Mermaids

BBC REJECTS MERMAIDS FROM ACTION LINE LIST Auntie, otherwise known as the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) has apparently quietly informed its LGBT Pride group that it is no longer going to include Mermaids, the campaigning charity for transgender children, in its Action Line list. The BBC no longer accepts Mermaids’ claims they can offer ‘appropriate’…

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Resources to trust

Calling all parents and teachers. Want to find teaching resources you can trust? Look no further! Relationships Matter – Lovewise has just released new resources for use in primary school Relationships Education! ‘Relationships Matter’ fulfils the Government’s Statutory Guidance for this new subject in the basic curriculum in primary schools in England. This is a…

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RSE, Gender Choice, Abuse

According to a recent post on Mumsnet by someone working at an unnamed high school in the UK, out of some 160 pupils in the year nine group, 9 girls identified as boys. Over the course of lockdown, however, seven of them have now ‘detransitioned’, and one is considering it. Was this because the girls…

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RSE Victory!

VICTORY! The campaign to delay the introduction of RSE in schools, led by a number of pro-family organisations, including Parent Power, has borne fruit. Parent Power and other campaigners argued that the closure of schools due to Covid-19 had severely disrupted the process of mandatory school consultations with parents, so that parents in too many…