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Parental Rights v Equality Duty

Parental Rights vs. the Equality Duty: what the law really says The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska discusses how British schools have moved away from teaching basic primary education, instead choosing to focus on teaching the ideology of inclusivity. Roger explains the reality of their legal obligation and how many schools are not fulfilling it….

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RSE evidence buried?

Has the Government buried the evidence of what parents and the public want from RSE? In March 2017, the Government passed the Children & Social Work Act (2017), which included an amendment making the new subject of Relationships Education compulsory in ALL primary schools, and Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) compulsory in ALL secondary schools….

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RSE: The Way Forward

Launch of RSE report challenging the Government   On Tuesday, 11th September, the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, chaired by Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, and jointly Convened by Revd Lynda Rose, CEO of VfJUK, and Robert Harris, launched its Report on Relationships and Sex Education: The Way Forward.  The Report is in…

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Halal Meat in Schools

The issue of Halal meat in Schools In July of this year, Lancashire Council became the first in the UK to ban unstunned halal meat from being served in schools. Not all providers of halal meat will not stun the animal prior to slaughter, but The Lancashire Council of Mosques argued that the halal slaughter…

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Telford – Questions for RSE

“DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD”?   Sexual exploitation in English towns In the past few years there have been a whole series of the most disturbing cases of sexual exploitation of young girls that have made the towns where they occurred a litany of shame. Rotherham, Rochdale, now Telford. There are others. The horror is…

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Banking On Children?

Banks of course are not the most popular institution these days. The financial crisis of 2008/9, the closure of branches, the recent collapse of TSB’s systems, the scale of bonuses still earned in a time of austerity – one could well understand the drive to take what market share might be there. But should that…

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A Moral Vision for RSE

Statutory Relationships and Sex Education: Exploring the moral complexities   In recent months Western culture has experienced a renewed crisis in how we relate to each other sexually. The #MeToo Campaign has burst open a tide of anger and long-held resentment about how individuals have experienced the sexual responses and behaviours of others. But in a Radio Times…

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Govt. Advice Unlawful?

DfE Draft Advice Legally Flawed? In The Times this Friday, a leading academic and public law barrister is quoted in an article headlined – Making schools teach about same-sex marriage ‘would be unlawful’. Christopher McCrudden, a professor of human rights and equality law at Queen’s University Belfast, has said that the Department for Education’s Independent…

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Ofsted & the New Hypocrisy

Is there joined up government? Listen to these three announcements ∗∗∗ all in the space of 3 days last week. ∗∗∗ Firstly, Amanda Spielman Head of Ofsted, commented on July 18th on a report Ofsted issued that found no link between efforts to tackle obesity and pupils’ weight in schools. “There is a broader temptation…

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“Slap in the face” to parents

Safe at School reacts angrily to Damian Hinds’ ruling that parents have to ask the headteacher’s permission to withdraw their children from sex education SPUC Safe at School, a leading parents’ advocacy group, has reacted angrily to Damian Hinds’ statement today on sex education, in particular his emphasis on ‘LGBT issues’ and the fact that…