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Off-rolling and Exclusion

The dubious practice of off-rolling Ofsted has announced that it is to conduct an investigation into exclusion figures, in particular trying to establish why two regions in the north-east (Yorkshire and the Humber) have higher rates of excluded pupils than anywhere else in England. Six of the 10 worst offending areas are situated in the…

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Spielman’s totalitarian Democracy

Life in Ms Spielman’s totalitarian democracy Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills, caused something of an upset recently when she spoke at the Church of England Foundation for Education Leadership conference. She advocated the use of muscular liberalism to counter religious belief. Ms Spielman thinks that religion should be removed to…

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Home Ed common sense?

Common sense on home education? The Welsh Assembly recently announced a consultation on elective home education. The Children’s Commissioner has been calling for compulsory registration and an annual inspection for all home educated children. Everyone thought that this was going to happen. Instead, Kirsty Williams AM, who is the Cabinet Secretary for Education, decided that…

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Stop Ofsted abusing their powers

Amanda Speilman petition gaining thousands of signatures! CLICK HERE to sign the petition Background to the Petition In a recent speech to the Church of England Foundation for Education Leadership (…), Head of Ofsted Amanda Spielman claimed that extremists are using religion actively to pervert education and indoctrinate young people. Singling out for particular mention…

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The Problem of Parents

The Department for Education is currently conducting a call for evidence, hoping to discover what parents and young people want to see in the new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. The policy revision is proving controversial, with good reason. At the moment, parents have the right to remove their children from sex education lessons, apart…

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RSE – just a few days left

Relationships Education and Parental Freedoms – Consultation Ends February 12th There is a new law coming into force in September 2019. All schools will have to teach Relationships Education in Primary Schools; and Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) in Secondary schools. No school – academy, free, independent – will be exempt. The Department of Education…

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Parents branded Extremists

OFSTED Chief must go, says Safe at School, after “sinister” comments branding parents extremists Safe at School is calling for the resignation of OFSTED Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, after she made a series of disturbing remarks, ahead of a Church of England conference on Education, which appear to seriously threaten the rights of parents to…

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Safe at School

SPUC Safe at School Campaign Issue Briefing on Government’s RSE Consultation. Please respond to the consultation by deadline 12th February 2018. The Children and Social Work Act 2017 made Relationships Education a compulsory school subject in all primary schools and Relationships and Sex Education a compulsory subject in all secondary schools. This legislation applies to…

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Petition to protect Children

Prohibit all medical treatment for gender reassignment below the age of 18 Please sign Voice for Justice UK’s latest petition to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, calling for age restrictions on invasive gender reassignment treatment. With increasing reports of people seeking reversal of gender reassignment surgery…